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A visual tour of the fantastic Citygarden in downtown St. Louis Missouri.  This urban oasis of 23 major sculptures, plant materials, fountains and hardscape form a welcome refuge from the hustle and bustle of the big city.  Each of the sculptures  and sculptors is examined in detail to explain the meaning or idea behind the creation.  A detailed preview and options for ordering this photobook can be found at the following link:

Laumeier Sculpture Park

Founded in 1976, Laumeier Sculpture Park in St. Louis County is one of the first and largest dedicated sculpture parks in the country.  The pictures in this book are of most of the outdoor sculptures in the park and were taken with a technique called HDR (high dynamic  range). This gives these photographs an amazing clarity with details in both the highlights and the shadows. To see a preview or to order this book, please click on the following link:

 Jefferson Barracks Park

Jefferson Barracks County Park was once the largest military post in the United States!  Learn the history of this beautiful park located in South St. Louis County.  See it with beautiful photographs taken in all four seasons. This book of over 95 pages would make a wonderful coffee table gift in hard cover. Top see a preview of this book as well as all the ordering options, please click on the following link:

Magic Reimagined – The Chinese Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden (5/23/-8/23/15)

This photobook covers the Chinese Lantern Festival held at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri, in the summer of 2015.  Pictures and descriptions of the 22 fantastic lanterns are shown in both the daytime and at night.  Please click on the following link to see a preview of this book as well as the options available for ordering:

Washington Avenue

Washington Avenue is one of the principal streets in downtown St. Louis.  It is mainly known for its numerous and historic residential lofts, but also its’ nightlife, architecture and attractions.  This photobook would make a great ‘coffee table’ book for anyone who lives or works in St. Louis. To see a preview of this book or for ordering options, please click on the following link:

Citygarden (revisited)

So why another photobook on Citygarden in downtown St. Louis? Well, because I could!  No, seriously, the original book was published in 2009 and a lot has changed. Back then, Citygarden had just opened and all the trees, shrubs, plants and flowers were just starting to grow. The major sculpture ‘Big Suit’ has been added.  And finally, all of the photographs in this new edition were taken with a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range), where multiple exposures (each with a different shutter speed ) are taken for each final photograph.  This brings out details in the shadows as well as in the highlights for amazing clarity.  To see a complete preview of this photobook, please check out the following website:

Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis

This photobook contains hundreds of photographs of the major attractions in downtown St. Louis. Included are City Garden, City Museum, City Hall, Laclede’s Landing, Washington Avenue, Main Library, Union Station, Soulard, Busch Stadium/Ballpark Village, America’s Center and the Gateway Arch.  For a preview of this book and options for ordering, please click on the following link:

The Story of the ‘New Busch Stadium’

The new Busch, or Busch Stadium III, opened on April 4, 2006. This photobook shows the de-construction of Busch Stadium II and the construction of the new stadium in downtown St.Louis,  Missouri, home of the St. Louis Cardinals. To see a preview of this book and details for ordering, please click on the following link:



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